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The Weston Career Center proudly serves as a trusted partner to students, alumni and organizations to create valuable connections that ensure a more productive pursuit of the future.

We get to know you. We listen to your aspirations. We offer guidance on ways for you to reach your goals. We’re always available for coaching and support. And we’re the first to cheer when your goals are reached.

Our success is built on understanding the needs and interests of those looking for a job and those looking to acquire talent. In other words, we succeed when you succeed.

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Current Students

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Lifelong career support for Olin alumni.


Find out about talent acquisition.

Partner with a dedicated career coach for a competitive edge.

Engaging with the Weston Career Center ensures that you’re among the best-prepared candidates in the marketplace. You’ll partner with a career coach on your career journey as you clarify your future ambitions. You’ll make connections to the organizations and industries that interest you. And you’ll be prepared with first-rate career search skills to give you a competitive edge.

Key to your journey is meeting regularly with your coach for individualized mentoring and guidance on career goals to target your job search strategy for specific positions or companies. Our coaches are Certificate Career Management Coaches who draw upon the experience of seasoned business professionals in a wide range of industries and functions.

Whichever path you decide to take, you can still tap into WCC services. As an Olin alum, you’ll be able to take advantage of one-on-one coaching and access job search tools at any point in your career. This ongoing partnership between student and career coach is designed to help you...

Land the right position.

Individual coaching includes exclusive features like the Weston Career Services Model, an eye-opening, four-phase process that helps you uncover the unique differentiators that define your value in the marketplace.

The Self/Story/Strategy/Journey model guides you from your early career search stages to successfully landing internships and full-time offers in the industries you’re passionate about.

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The Path to Empowerment

The Path to Empowerment

Everyone has a different path when it comes to their career. We’re here to help you find yours.


Self: Look inward

What motivates you? What careers interest you? What type of company cultures fit your personality?

Through assessments, worksheets, reflection and partnering with your career coach, you’ll come to a clear understanding of what you want, your differentiating skills and what’s important to you in your future career.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, assessment tools and career development events


Story: Get personal

What’s your story? Why are you unique? What do you want to accomplish?

It’s time to create a personal introduction, draft your resume and tap into tools to highlight your unique narrative and skill set. You’ll meet with your career coach to hone your story so you stand out in interviews and when networking.

Key resources

Job search material best practices, templates and workshops, and personalized coaching and feedback on professional written and oral communication, such as resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, self-introduction pitch and STAR stories


Strategy: Promote yourself

What type of position do you want? What organizations interest you? How can you best position yourself?

You’ll build a career search campaign and develop a list of target companies that fit with your unique personality and skill set. Your focus is on identifying networking opportunities, attending events and connecting with your Olin community.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, career search timelines, practice interviews, networking events, career fairs (in-person and virtual), club professional events and experiential learning opportunities


Journey: Activate your search

Where have you applied? Have you followed up after interviews? Is that offer right for you?

Your career search campaign is in full swing. You’ve developed a list of target companies and are actively pursuing positions at them. And you’re regularly tapping into your career coach, industry experts and other WCC staff for support, interview practice and help evaluating offers.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, Olin interview and offer database

Learn more about career services for your program of interest.

Employment outcomes

We take great pride in partnering with students on their career journeys and recruiters in their talent pursuits. Our employment reports include organizations that hire Olin students, student demographics, source of offers and compensation data by industry, function and geographic region.
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Career resources

You’ll have a toolbox of resources to help you on your career journey—and a dedicated career coach to help you navigate them.

Company/industry research
Resume and cover letters
Internship and job postings
Global opportunities
Evaluating job offers

Serving all students

The Weston Career Center is committed to support all students in their career journeys. We work one-on-one with you to help you understand your unique talents and the value you bring to an organization. Most employers are eager to attract diverse candidates, and we’re here to help you prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead. Find out more about support for
affinity groups and international students.

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