Student Success Stories

Faculty and staff alike connect with students, getting to know them and supporting them every step of the way during their academic journeys.

To one student, success is expanding their global mindedness to lay the foundation for a job in international finance. To another, success is developing an idea that turns into a startup venture—sometimes while a student. Still, another’s definition of success is blending a lifelong love of the arts with a grounded business foundation.

Whatever your definition of success, we’re here to help you reach your professional and personal goals. We could list a lot of our resources to make our point, but we think our students can say it in an even better way.

The wraparound support I received through my scholarship, the graduate programs office and faculty influenced my success in the program tremendously. Olin truly is a multifaceted community that gives students the tools to be successful while pushing them to be better versions of themselves.

—Livi Logan-Wood, Full-Time MBA 2023

The career resources at Olin are extremely accessible and helpful. Before I knew which path I wanted to pursue in the finance industry, the career coaches helped explain the various career paths and pointed me toward professional development events that would further my learning. Once I started to land interviews, they provided interview prep resources as well as mock interview opportunities.

—Jeanette Smith, BSBA 2024

The school’s emphasis on experiential learning and real-world application of concepts allowed me to develop a practical skill set that can be applied directly to my role at AbbVie. The knowledge and skills I gained from classes have helped me make informed decisions, effectively communicate with stakeholders, and ultimately drive business growth and success.

—Delvin Walls, EMBA 2023, Immunology Sales Representative at AbbVie

I am impressed by the ample academic and career resources at Olin. The career coaches and academic advisors are readily available and easy to reach, which is crucial for foreign students who may be studying abroad for the first time. This support ensures students feel confident and empowered to succeed.

—Siyu Wang, MS in Finance 2023

The doctoral programs office, as well as my area faculty, are always sharing resources or opportunities they feel would be beneficial for me as I advance through the program and as a research scholar.

—Emily Hsu, PhD 2025

The faculty, including both teaching and administrative staff, has played a pivotal role in my success. Their support and guidance have greatly enhanced my experience, allowing me to concentrate on my coursework and excel in the program.

—Aaron Amos, Online MS in Business Analytics 2024

The Stats behind the Stories

When we say Values Based, Data Driven™, we mean it. So for all the numbers people, we invite you to dig in to our most recent employments to see where Olin grads land after graduation.

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