Charles A. Carithers

Executive Education

Charles A. Carithers
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    Cornerstone Gov
  • Residence
    Washington DC
  • Favorite Course
    Inside Congress

Reaching Career Goals


I advise a diverse set of clients with interests related to national security, defense and homeland security. Other responsibilities include securing appropriated funds and impacting and informing legislation for clients.  

Why Olin/WashU at Brookings?

I wanted to learn from practitioners in the government space who have seen successes and failures. Additionally, the course offerings were robust and relevant to all aspects of our federal government. 

Favorite Course

The Inside Congress course was the catalyst for my current career trajectory. It was bipartisan and bicameral in nature, with facilitators and instructors who have worked on Capitol Hill, including staffers from personal offices and committees, lobbying groups and advocacy groups, as well as executive branch senior executives who regularly engage with and testify before Congress. 

Course Content

The classes offered are top-notch and well facilitated. Each class and its respective instructor positions students for success and provides a theoretical and practical foundation that resonates with and applies to each student’s career.

Career Enhancement

I never would have had a career on Capitol Hill or as a lobbyist if it was not for Olin. The executive education program helped widen my aperture and realize my true professional potential.


WashU at Brookings provided me with the opportunity as a LEGIS Fellow to serve as a national security advisor on Capitol Hill. In addition, it gave me an intellectual foundation to succeed at all levels of government, along with a rich network of academics, public servants and private industry titans that I can reach out to at any time.

The executive education program helped widen my aperture and realize my true professional potential.


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