Jeanette Smith

BSBA 2024

Jeanette Smith
  • Major
  • Minor
    Computer Science
  • Hometown
    Princeton NJ

A Close-Knit Community

Why Olin?

Olin is full of extremely successful, hardworking and ambitious students, which is usually the recipe for a hypercompetitive environment, yet Olin students are known for doing everything they can to help their peers succeed academically or professionally. Olin also encourages a balance between business and other interests. I’m involved in the performing arts—especially dance—and Olin has provided me with the flexibility to take dance classes every semester.

Favorite Course

My favorite class has been Management 100: Individual in a Managerial Environment. This class was fast-paced, and the three units—microeconomics, strategy and management—each contributed to a deeper understanding of the business world.

Career Support

Navigating the recruiting process was intimidating, and the career center’s coaches played a crucial role in my professional success. They steered me toward professional events where representatives from investment banks, asset management firms, fintech, wealth management, private equity and commodity traders explained their fields and answered questions. Once I landed job interviews, they helped prep me.

For Prospective Students

The people are truly what makes Olin such a special place. Speak to Olin students and alumni, either in person or over the phone. It will help you understand the Olin culture. Everyone at Olin is committed to growing our community, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

The people are truly what makes Olin such a special place.

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