Rohan Kamalakantha

BSBA 2025

Rohan Kamalakantha
  • Hometown
    Plano TX
  • Passion
    Social Justice
  • Major

Business and Activism

Industry Interest

I’m interested in the venture capital ecosystem. Startups have the potential to disrupt their industries, driving substantial social change through innovative practices. I hope to gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the world’s most consequential problems and cutting-edge research that aims to solve them.   

Why Olin?

Given that finance-related careers have a reputation for being especially competitive, I wanted to surround myself with a group of diverse, lively and creative peers. My Olin experience has exceeded those expectations, and choosing WashU is a decision that I will never regret. 

Supportive Atmosphere

Management 100, a business course taken by all Olin undergraduates, hosts an annual case competition providing students with an opportunity to unleash their creativity. Despite my heightened nerves that came with presenting in front of the Olin student body, my peers, mentors and professors cheered me on, offering endless encouragement and motivation. Through this experience, I discovered that Olin is more than a business school or academic institution—it’s was a tight-knit family.

Career Ready

Olin prepares its students to hit the ground running upon graduation. Its classes emphasize both collaborative and experiential learning. Students receive ample opportunities to work in teams, solve real-world problems and learn from a diverse set of viewpoints. Courses span a variety of disciplines, imparting students with the knowledge necessary to problem-solve and make data-driven insights.

Following Passions

I’m passionate about social justice and activism, particularly in the fields of educational equity and climate justice. Olin has provided me with a platform to leverage my business acumen to drive tangible change in these areas through its classes, clubs and programs.

Advice to Prospective Students

Never say no! You’ll have the opportunity to assist professors with cutting-edge research, consult for local businesses and learn from some of the brightest minds. The opportunities for personal growth and professional development are endless. Take advantage of them.

I discovered that Olin is more than a business school or academic institution—it’s a tight-knit family. 

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