Financial Consulting through WFA-CFAR

Engage with us to engineer a new approach to your financial challenges.

We Bring Innovative Solutions

Olin Business School’s WFA-CFAR Finance Consulting program combines the fresh analytical perspective of students in Olin's top-ranked Master of Finance program with the expertise of Washington University’s distinguished finance research faculty. Students and faculty collaborate with you and use a variety of analytic tools to quickly solve complex and dynamic challenges unique to your organization.

A typical project takes approximately 10 to 15 weeks and culminates with a formal presentation, written summary and, often, a model that the client firm retains as its own intellectual property.

Enjoy 14 Weeks of Analysis at Considerable Benefit and Value to Your Organization

  • A team of 20 to 25 graduate students will provide a fresh perspective and a sophisticated analysis of your business problem.
  • Each team is supervised by a member of our PhD research faculty, providing the expertise and experience of some of the nation's finest finance scholars.
  • Each project also includes a separate client liaison faculty member who assists the consulting team with scoping the project and ensures that the team maintains a high level of client service, communicates effectively and meets all project deadlines.
  • You are able to assess potential talent for your organization by working directly with your consulting team rather than relying solely on interviews and secondhand recommendations.

Read more about CFAR Practicums (PDF).

Finance Consulting Case Studies

  • Private equity allocation model (PDF): A university with significant endowment assets asked the WFA-CFAR team to develop a bottom-up allocation model for its private markets portfolio.
  • Home equity loan default study (PDF): A major national mortgage originator with a large home equity line of credit portfolio sought WFA-CFAR's help to model HELOC defaults and identify the determinants of defaults.
  • Portfolio rebalancing optimization study (PDF): A national wealth advisory firm asked WFA-CFAR to recommend rebalancing strategies for multi-asset class portfolios and analyze how mutual fund and exchange-traded advisory programs optimize rebalancing strategies.

For more information or to initiate a project, contact:

Timothy G. Solberg, CFA, Professor of Practice in Finance
Phone: 314-935-7270