Arts, Business and So Much More

Business of the Arts Minor

For those interested in having a career in the arts, this is the program for you. Whether you’re the creator and artist or an entrepreneur looking to manage a creative venture, the Business of the Arts minor helps you make your dreams a reality.

In addition to gaining expertise in a variety of roles, you’ll be well qualified for internships in a variety of organizations, including fine arts, fashion design, culturally focused nonprofits and for-profit organizations with a creative component.

Specialized Curriculum

Gain a deep understanding of how business principles apply to a range of arts-related endeavors, including the fine arts entrepreneur, the for-profit corporation with an artistic bent or the arts-related nonprofit.

Business of Arts curriculum details

Non-BSBA Minor options

Curricular Highlights

  • Experiential Learning

    In addition to guest speakers from the artistic community, you have the opportunity to tackle real-world business challenges. These fun and hands-on experiences include student-led consulting assignments, internships and global immersion trips to iconic, arts-focused cities. And the industry contacts you make in the artistic community are invaluable.

  • Marketing

    Promoting or selling products or services on behalf of an artistic entrepreneur, an arts-related nonprofit or a for-profit organization with artistic leanings.

  • Sponsorship Sales

    Cultivating corporate relationships for nonprofit clients.

  • Operations and Logistics

    Managing interlocking functions  of an arts-related organization, including finance, marketing, public relations, sales and communication.

  • Financial Analysis

    Developing deeper understanding behind revenue and expenses.

  • Analytics

    Working with data to uncover trends in customer engagement and sales, including ticket sales and season ticket renewals for organizations such as theater and symphony companies.

The Business of the Arts program, generously underwritten by the Ritholz family, draws candidates from across WashU.