Get your PhD at a leading research institution

Develop your skills for research and teaching with a PhD from WashU Olin.

Created for students who desire to learn, research and grow, our PhD program is one of the best in the nation. Rated as an R1 research facility, our program positions you to excel in a career as a researcher and teacher at top universities around the world.

  • Location
    St. Louis
  • Duration
    5-6 years
  • Format
    On Campus
  • Start
  • Cost
    Stipend awarded

In our program, you’re guided by engaged faculty members who are among the nation’s top scholars. They work closely with you to hone your research skills, often building one-on-one mentoring relationships.

You develop strong problem-solving skills to strategically address complex, unstructured business issues that result in innovative thinking and new ideas for research that have value to the academic community and application in the business world.

WashU Olin’s PhD program ensures you:

  • An intellectually challenging core curriculum
  • Strong grounding in basic disciplines
  • An energized, research-driven culture of excellence
  • A collegial network built upon mutual respect and a community of critical thinkers
  • A competitive edge in the business education market
  • Collaborative relationships between faculty and students to enhance the education experience and ultimate search for your first faculty appointment

Olin Doctoral Series | PhD Overview

This STEM-designated program gives you a strong foundation in basic disciplines plus the tools you need to pursue engaging research.

Degree Requirements

  • Have a core foundation in microeconomics or psychology, probability and statistics and quantitative methods
  • Complete 36 credit hours of coursework and maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Fulfill residence and teaching requirements
  • Successfully complete a core exam
  • Focus on an area of specialization in a chosen field
  • Maintain an active association with the research process through faculty mentoring
  • Successfully complete a field exam
  • Write, defend and submit a dissertation.

Seven PhD Concentrations

Olin is a leading R1 research institution with seven unique concentrations for PhDs.

Olin’s commitment to providing a supportive environment for its students is unparalleled, with ample resources and guidance to help them achieve their academic and personal goals.

—Renping Li, PhD 2024
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Pre-Doctoral Program