Executive Education Policies

Registration Methods and Policies


Ways to Register

Payment Methods

  • approved purchase order (e.g., SF-182 or DD-1556) 
  • credit card (VISA, Mastercard and American Express) 
  • government purchase card (IMPAC) 
  • money order 
  • wire transfer
  • internal transfer (for WUSTL employees only)

We reserve the right to limit the number of participants to ensure optimum classroom engagement, to change course dates and instructors, and to cancel courses due to low enrollment. Course fees and schedules are subject to change without notice. Please call or see individual course webpages in our portal for the most current information regarding course fees and schedules.

Payment and Registration Confirmation

Your registration is not final until we receive payment in full or an approved purchase order. You will receive written confirmation via email within 48 hours after we receive both your registration and complete payment information. An incomplete submission of registration information does not grant you a seat in a course. An approved purchase order does not guarantee registration; it serves as a request for us to send an invoice for payment.

If a course or program gets canceled for any reason, you are responsible for any travel costs you have incurred. In the event of a course or program cancellation, every effort will be made to notify you immediately and to find an appropriate course or program you can transfer into. In this case, you will not be charged the transfer fees described in the cancellation policy section.

Written notice is required for all cancellations, transfers and substitutions. Send correspondence via email to registrar@brookings.edu.

Vouchers or Purchase Orders

Please include one of the following unique identifiers for billing purposes:
  • DUNS: 068552207
  • Unique Entity Identifier: L6NFUM28LQM5
  • Tax-ID/EIN: 43-0653611
  • CAGE Code: 2B003

Note: Purchase orders are reviewed within two business days of submission. An automated message will confirm when your registration is final.

Continuing Education Units (CEU)

Washington University is among many colleges and universities that award CEUs to participants of approved, noncredit courses or programs. If you require proof of participation, please email your request to registrar@brookings.edu. We will provide you with a letter of completion.

Executive Education Cancellation, Substitution and Transfer Policy

For Open Enrollment Courses and Cohorts

Days before Course Substitutions Transfer Fee Cancellation Fee
29 to 15 days Yes, if appropriate None 25% of original cost
14 to 3 days Yes, if appropriate 15% of original cost 50% of original cost
2 days Not permitted Not permitted 100% of original cost
LEGIS Fellowship: 14 days None None 50% of original cost

Participant Substitutions and Transfers

Participant substitutions are allowed without penalty for non-cohort programs until two (2) business days prior to the program start date and are strongly encouraged in circumstances in which an original participant is unable to attend their scheduled course. However, we reserve the right to accept or reject a substitute for programs requiring minimum management levels.

A participant may elect to transfer out of a program and into another one once—and only once. However, as shown above, if notification of a transfer is received after indicated deadlines, fees will be incurred, and the participant will be billed accordingly. Transferees will have a period of 12 months from the date of their transfer requests to attend a subsequent program, after which time tuition credits will be forfeited.

Transferees will be required to pay any tuition fee increases that occur in the time between the program they were originally scheduled to attend and the program into which they transferred. In addition, transferees must pay full price for their new programs, even if a discount was applied to the initial registration.

Payment of any difference is expected at the time a transfer request is submitted.

Executive Course Enrollment Cancellations

Cancellations submitted after deadlines will be subject to the fees specified above, and participants will be billed in accordance with these policies. Additional charges may be assessed in cases for which educational materials were sent prior to receiving a cancellation notice. Participants who do not notify us of a cancellation and who fail to attend the course in which they are registered will forfeit the full tuition.

Absences in Executive Education Courses

If you miss any portion of a course, WashU at Brookings cannot refund your tuition or offer complimentary participation in a future iteration of the course. The policy also applies to cohort programs. Exceptions may be made in limited circumstances at the discretion of WashU at Brookings. 

Executive Cohort Program Policies

Participants in cohort programs are required to adhere to the standards set forth at the time of admission. No program substitutions or transfers will be granted for these cohort programs. If you miss any class day or portion of a program because of weather, illness or other circumstance, we are unable to reimburse you for any part of the program tuition or offer complimentary participation in any subsequent iteration or open-enrollment course. If you fail to attend some or all of your program, you will not be entitled to a certificate of completion.

Executive Education Discounts

Upon completion of an Advanced Management certificate, a Women’s Leadership Program certificate, a Policy Strategy certificate or a Public Leadership certificate, you will receive 25% off all future executive education courses from Olin and our partner WashU at Brookings, providing you with a commitment to lifelong learning for continuous improvement. To receive your discount, email us the course you would like to take to registrar@brookings.edu.

Olin alumni receive 50% off executive education courses from Olin and our partner WashU at Brookings. To receive your discount, email execed@wustl.edu and include the course you want to take, your degree and the year you graduated. Seats are limited and subject to availability and only available to verified Olin alumni. 

Group discounts are available on a select basis, and restrictions apply. Please call 800-925-5730 for further information.

Privacy Policy

Washington University and the Brookings Institution value your private information and will not share personal data with third parties, except when required by law. By providing your information, you agree to allow future communication from these entities unless otherwise indicated in writing. You may opt out of these communications at any time.

See website privacy policies.


We reserve the right to use photos taken during courses and/or programs for promotional purposes. Although photographs are only occasionally taken during these events, participants who do not wish to be photographed can inform staff prior to attendance.

If you have any questions regarding registration or our policies, please contact registrar@brookings.edu or ExecEd@wustl.edu directly.