Global Is More Than a Word. It’s a Mindset.

MBA Global Immersion

Develop a global mindset in our MBA program the spans that world. Our Full-Time MBA program brings together business expertise and international leadership.

GI-PB-teaching-4x3.jpgThe WashU Olin global MBA includes three immersive experiences on three different continents. In your first year, you visit Washington, DC, in the summer, followed by international locations in the fall and the spring. Past locations have included Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France; Santiago, Chile; and Shanghai, China.

In each location, your days are filled with activities, integrating lectures, experiential learning and real-time feedback from faculty. You gain invaluable experience to draw on—whether you’re considering your career path, applying what you’ve learned in class or sharing a related story during a job interview.

2023 Global Immersion Destinations

Our MBA program may be based in St. Louis, but it’s informed by the world. Your first year as a WashU Olin MBA student will be highlighted by the courses you take designed to develop your global mindset.

St. Louis, Missouri

Foundations of Impactful Teamwork and Values Based, Data Driven™ Decision-Making are among the first classes you take as a first-year MBA. That's because both classes are foundational to your entire MBA experience. In the former, you learn the importance of communication and collaboration, while the latter emphasizes the relationship among data, values, ideas and convictions.   

Washington, DC

Early on in the program, you travel to our nation’s capital for foundational knowledge, provided in part by our partner, the Brookings Institution. The focus is on the roles business leaders play in a global society. As your global fluency grows, so does your appreciation for the entanglement between economic forces and societal values in business and economic development.

Barcelona, Spain

This year’s first-years travel to Barcelona in the fall for strategic, hands-on projects centered on management and decision-making. In one of the world’s most beautiful cities, you learn to understand the essential elements of a business model and how they interact to drive profitability. You also become adept at extracting business-relevant insights from real-world data, observations and interviews.

Republic of Singapore

The spring semester is highlighted by travel to Singapore, where you learn how sustainability and technology come together to impact operations and management. Coursework covers how to analyze processes and align them with company strategy and how to achieve competitiveness through global operations and supply chains.