​Careers for Masters in Analytics

Your career is seeking the truth behind the numbers. Our job is uncovering strengths you didn’t know you had.

WashU Olin students are skilled at discerning the truth behind the numbers while remaining true to their own guiding virtues. They celebrate analytical ability while also considering how it can impact the world, for good. The future is data and with these analysts, it looks bright.

As your partner, the Weston Career Center is here to help you realize your most career-empowered self. Our Weston Career Services Model employs a process of self-reflection, understanding and expanding your skills into your own unique story as part of an individualized career strategy that will launch you into your career journey. This one-of-a-kind process helps us help you get to where you want to go.

Analytics Career Highlights

Potential job titles
Analyst, data analyst, data scientist, business intelligence analyst, strategic analyst, marketing analyst
$65,000 (USA) Median Salary
$3500/month (USA) Average Internship Compensation
Employers that hire
Amazon, Blackrock, Express Scripts Holding Company, RGA, Schnuck’s Markets

Check out employment outcomes for all specialized masters—including compensation, location, employment by function and job source information—on our Employment Report (PDF)

Land the right position.

Individual coaching includes exclusive features like the Weston Career Services Model, an eye-opening, four-phase process that helps you uncover the unique differentiators that define your value in the marketplace.

The Self/Story/Strategy/Journey model guides you from your early career search stages to successfully landing internships and full-time offers in the industries you’re passionate about.

career coach talking to students
The Path to Empowerment

The Path to Empowerment

Everyone has a different path when it comes to their career. We’re here to help you find yours.


Self: Look inward

What motivates you? What careers interest you? What type of company cultures fit your personality?

Through assessments, worksheets, reflection and partnering with your career coach, you’ll come to a clear understanding of what you want, your differentiating skills and what’s important to you in your future career.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, assessment tools and career development events


Story: Get personal

What’s your story? Why are you unique? What do you want to accomplish?

It’s time to create a personal introduction, draft your resume and tap into tools to highlight your unique narrative and skill set. You’ll meet with your career coach to hone your story so you stand out in interviews and when networking.

Key resources

Job search material best practices, templates and workshops, and personalized coaching and feedback on professional written and oral communication, such as resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, self-introduction pitch and STAR stories


Strategy: Promote yourself

What type of position do you want? What organizations interest you? How can you best position yourself?

You’ll build a career search campaign and develop a list of target companies that fit with your unique personality and skill set. Your focus is on identifying networking opportunities, attending events and connecting with your Olin community.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, career search timelines, practice interviews, networking events, career fairs (in-person and virtual), club professional events and experiential learning opportunities


Journey: Activate your search

Where have you applied? Have you followed up after interviews? Is that offer right for you?

Your career search campaign is in full swing. You’ve developed a list of target companies and are actively pursuing positions at them. And you’re regularly tapping into your career coach, industry experts and other WCC staff for support, interview practice and help evaluating offers.

Key resources

One-on-one coaching, Olin interview and offer database

You’ll have access to all these Weston Career Center services.

Career Stamp orientation: An interactive career orientation course where you’ll learn to develop and nurture effective relationships, understand the US job market, strengthen your communication skills and create a long-term checklist for success.

One-on-one career coaching: Receive individual support from your Certified Career Management Coach, who will listen to your pain points and help you grow your career readiness.

Group coaching: C2 Teams (Career Collaboration Teams) are support groups for students to share ideas and resources. You’ll find new friends and stay motivated as you search for internships and that first job.

Premium job search tools and resources: Wherever you are in your job search, we have tools and support you need. Our premium resources help you develop an understanding of hiring timelines, conduct research on your top companies and prepare for interviews by using AI technology. Your career coach will work with you to leverage these tools to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in the job-seeking process.

Signature programming: A variety of events keep you progressing on your career journey. Take advantage of global career connection events, employer information sessions, alumni panels, lunch and learns, and accounting-specific events.

Weekly newsletter: Subscribe to receive weekly updates about job openings, career events and workshops.

US and Asian job market opportunities: We’re continually working to add more job opportunities for Olin students and alumni.

The Olin network: Your network will be 25,000 strong and made up of successful professionals in the United States, China and around the world. Engage with WashU alumni via platforms like WeChat, learn.WashU, LinkedIn and WashU CNX.

Lifelong alumni career services: Your WashU degree entitles you to personalized career support from the Weston Career Center throughout your professional career—and even a second career or retirement. Learn more about alumni career services

Quick tip from SMP career coach Taylor Cramsey:
Karissa Rusu“Most students joining Olin for an MSA degree don’t have much background in analytics—it’s why they come here to study! At the Weston Career Center, we help you frame your past experience in a way that brings your career aspirations into view—in other words, we help you demonstrate how parallel and transferable aspects of your past roles have prepared you for your aspirational role.”

Career-Oriented Clubs: For those interested in pursuing analytics, there are many opportunities to join clubs relevant to your career path, the first being the Olin Big Data Association—great for anyone looking to improve their data skills. For areas of more concentrated interests, check out the Olin Marketing Association, Supply Chain and Operations Association, ASCM (MSSCA) andBeta Alpha Psi (MSAA). Learn more about student clubs

Analytics career search timeline

The search for your dream job starts the day you arrive at WashU Olin. To make it easier, we’ve created a Career Search Timeline (PDF) tailored specifically to MSA students. Simply follow the checklist that breaks down the process into small, manageable tasks—semester by semester—and you’ll be prepared to seize the opportunity when a potential internship or job opening presents itself.

Get to know other masters in analytics students and alumni.

Our MS business analytics students and graduates are talented professionals who add tremendous value to their communities and society at large. Check out some of the featured alumni below and learn more about their experiences with career coaching as well as their lives at—and beyond—Olin.

“The Weston Career Center inspired me to find my passion and helped me reach my potential. Every time I encountered obstacles, they supported me and kept me going. With WCC, I knew myself better and became more confident in chasing my career goals.”
—Ruohua (Jennifer) Ding, MSA 2021
Analyst, BlackRock

“It has been a wonderful experience working with different Weston Career Center coaches on resume and cover letter revision, networking mastery, mock interview, offer evaluation and career consultation. With their support, I successfully got a full-time offer that matched my skill set and career aspiration.”
—Dominique Nie, MSA 2021
Business Intelligence Engineer, Amazon Web Services (AWS)