Industry advisors guide students' professional development and job search.

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  • Contact Karen Heise, Interim Director, Weston Career Center, at or 314-935-5950

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"The Olin academic atmosphere is rigorous and collaborative, and teaches students the skills necessary to think critically and make informed business  decisions." - Karen Heise, interim director, Weston Career Center

Our students are fully prepared to understand the functional areas of business, think critically, and solve complex, unstructured management problems.
  • Better preparation of our students means less on-the-job training. We demand a level of preparedness from our students that makes them stand apart from other business school graduates.
  • Our students come to us from around the globe, creating a diverse talent pool that boasts outstanding leadership potential and a collaborative work ethic.
  • We work hard to make the recruitment process productive, matching the strengths and interests of our students to your company’s requirements.
To learn more, visit the OlinCareers - Recruiters website.