"We seek to engage our corporate partners in relationships built on trust, fresh insight, and new challenges."


Dorothy Kittner, Assistant Dean and Director, Office of Corporate Relations, Olin Business School, MBA 1994

"Many local startups have opened themselves up to be a sandbox for Olin students, thus giving the entrepreneurial community first shot at recruiting some of the most talented young people from around the world."


Cliff Holekamp, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Director of the Entrepreneurship Platform, Olin Business School

"I am a better person professionally and personally because of the relationships and interactions I have had with Olin faculty and staff, as well as with my EMBA colleagues."


Brandi Williams-Hibbler, Senior Director, North American Sales Operations, Sigma-Aldrich, EMBA 2014

​Corporate Relations

Partnerships with business complete our circle. Thank you for your commitment to our spirit of collaboration and engagement within the business community.

Our close working relationships and touch points with businesses and corporate partners enable Olin Business School to provide value in a number of ways. We in the Office of Corporate Relations are proud to serve as the conduit for beneficial exchanges between companies — large and small alike — and the opportunities Washington University has to offer.

We strive to connect successful organizations with Olin resources to some impressive results. Your involvement is vital to our success. We look forward to being of service to your company. This year. Every year.

Corporate involvement at Olin Business School helps us create and define what we consider our four pillars of success, which revolve in an ever-expanding circle. Our corporate partners challenge us to stretch our minds and create value for both them and our Olin experience. We are very appreciative when individuals elect to generously give their time and expertise.
  • Acquire Talent. Olin’s talented students are eager to enhance the performance of your organization and are ready to meet challenges from the very first day.
  • Share Your Expertise. Olin Business School is a hub of talented alumni, students, and business associates.
  • Create Knowledge. Olin faculty members can help you turn business problems into practical applications.
  • Develop Employee Talent. Think of Olin as your learning laboratory for mid-level and senior executives.

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