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Push your perspective with WashU Olin’s executive education programs. Whether your goal is to develop critical business skills, cultivate high-potential leaders, advance your organization, or all of the above, Olin executive courses will create value for you and your organization.

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Take a deep dive into business topics that will broaden your outlook and give you actionable tools you can put into practice immediately. Completion of both courses counts for 40% of the days required for the Advanced Management Certificate.

Business Operations Toolkit: From Revenue to Profit
An introductory primer on how to run a business, execute a strategy, and manage to results. Increase your understanding on key aspects of driving revenue and managing cost.

Modern Leadership: Understanding and Using Empathy
Empathy is an essential capability across all domains of leadership. Understand what empathy is, how your capabilities stack up, and how to improve upon them.

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  • Take a course: Stay sharp, one day at a time, with sessions that pique your curiosity and build new skills. Your key takeaway of today may be your new action plan of tomorrow.
  • Earn a certificate: Harness learning in multiple areas to create a competitive advantage for you and your organization. Complete five session days in each of the three concentrations in three years to earn the Advanced Management Certificate (AMC). Women’s Leadership Forum and Supply Chain Management certificates also count toward the AMC.
  • Create tailored corporate programs to tackle your specific challenges and achieve strategic goals. Contact us to learn how Olin faculty and staff work with business leaders from hundreds of companies—large and small, public and private—to enhance and expand offerings and respond quickly to the ever-changing business landscape.