Perspectives on the EMBA in India

Learn why these business leaders chose the IIT Bombay-Washington University Executive MBA.

Sagar Hemade
EMBA Mumbai 2016
Managing Director, India
US multinational company

Leveraging the reputation of the partner schools

Hemade says the program provides a unique opportunity for learning. “Two great institutions have come together. Washington University brings knowledge and experience on executive education. IIT Bombay is known for its heritage, technical education, and management expertise. As a result, the curriculum covers all aspects of business and subjects important to senior executives.”

Experiencing an immediate, ongoing ROI

“The program has great value. I benefit big time from the concentrated program structure, rich content provided by professors, management approaches shared by program faculty and peers, and improvement in my leadership skills. I’m confident the program will make me a much better person and business professional.”

Building relationships that matter

“In the program, I get to interact with people from different fields and industries, which, in turn, brings different perspectives on business issues. I find the energy in the EMBA classes to be extremely high. And there is great collaboration among all the students.”

Sangita Krishna Zaparde
EMBA Mumbai 2016
Senior Program Manager
Microsoft India R&D Pvt. Ltd.

Creating a program for executive schedules

The Mumbai location is a program advantage for Zaparde. “It’s easy for me to come to IIT Bombay for the four-day-per-month classes, and my work at Microsoft isn’t affected,” she says. “I take program learning back to my organization and implement it on Monday morning.”

Developing an enterprise-wide view of management

“I needed to develop a holistic business mindset and a better understanding of cross-functional management. That’s why, after researching top business schools, I chose the joint-venture program between Washington University in St. Louis and IIT Bombay.”

Learning from professors who make subject matter relatable

“The course has a cutting-edge curriculum, delivered by senior faculty members. My priorities are to enhance my strategic thinking and critical analysis. Course delivery includes interactive exchanges on case studies, giving me new approaches to problem solving.

“Enrolling in the program is the best decision I’ve made, and I’m sure program knowledge and practices will help me reach my career goals effectively.”

Saurabh Mohan Shrivastava
EMBA Mumbai 2016
Delivery Lead
Teradata India Pvt. Ltd.

Choosing an EMBA program

“I want the skills to think big and think differently,” Shrivastava says. “My management education enables me to map my consulting strength with business needs and to generate opportunities for symbiotic growth.

“The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay-Washington University in St. Louis Executive MBA program is a one-of-a-kind offering in India. The dual degrees provide global exposure and diverse perspectives through well-crafted techniques and tools and classroom training by world-class professors. The professionalism and stratospheric knowledge of the faculty are impressive.”

Redefining his leadership style

“The program taught me that leadership isn’t about being in front for everything. It’s more about how I motivate and support my teams and how I get maximum output in a collaborative work environment. Now, I have the insight to reinvent myself as someone who guides stakeholders successfully.

Enhancing self-knowledge

Before he enrolled in the program, Shrivastava was “swimming on the surface in an ocean of knowledge. Saurabh says, there has been a paradigm shift in the way I view business and business functions. I have the tremendous opportunity to learn from my EMBA classmates’ diverse and varied perspectives.”

Sunil Punjabi
EMBA Mumbai 2016
Managing Director
Sigma-Aldrich India

Reasons for enrolling in the Executive MBA program

Punjabi was Sigma-Aldrich’s first employee in India, joining the company in 1992. He has developed the company’s business, operations, and support systems in the country for more than two decades.

“In the past few years, my role at Sigma-Aldrich has grown from a domestic level to a regional level to a global level. I enrolled in the IIT Bombay-Washington University Executive MBA program to bridge gaps in my financial and business acumen.”

Benefits from program teachings

Punjabi says the program’s academic rigor has significantly improved his strategic-thinking skills. “Overall, my EMBA experience has been a win/win for me and my organization. The training I’ve received so far has helped me implement successful management tools at my workplace.”

In addition, he says he has gained visibility from a network of EMBA classmates and faculty from around the world.

Satyender Singh
EMBA Mumbai 2016
Mahyco Monsanto Biotech India Pvt Limited (JV of Monsanto)

Reasons for enrolling in the Executive MBA program

Singh says: “I feel fortunate to have joined the EMBA after spending 20 years working with farmers in the agriculture industry. Having a technical background and interest in a commercial role, I am looking to learn more about business, finance, leadership, and global business perspectives.”

Experiencing an immediate, ongoing ROI

EMBA professors use both national and international business examples in their courses, he adds. Consequently, Singh has had numerous opportunities to enrich his domestic and global perspectives of commerce in the past six months. Interactions with classmates from different industries also has expanded his view of management.