Expand Your Knowledge and Skills

Curriculum Tailored to Executives

Experience a diverse and comprehensive curriculum created to provide the highest-quality learning experience.

The EMBA program provides one of the most academically comprehensive curricula in the country. Courses and residencies focus on leadership development and include incredible partnerships such as the DC Immersion program with the Brookings Institution. Additionally, you work on a team-based consulting project to further your learning experience.

Leadership Skill for Dynamic Environments

At WashU Olin, we’re not just preparing technically competent managers; we’re equipping individuals who can exercise true organizational leadership in dynamic and changing business environments.

Our goal in the Values Based, Data Driven™ Leadership Development section of the program is to articulate the various elements associated with effective organizational leadership and help you develop your own capabilities even further.

Because this process takes time, your journey begins during the GO! Program and continues throughout your studies in three modules:

Module 1: Values Based, Data Driven™ Leadership (GO! Program)

Module 2: The Power of Purpose (mid-program)

Module 3: Your Leadership Development Journey (capstone)

As a key element of this program and your broader development as a leader, you work with an executive coach throughout the EMBA program to set goals and work to achieve them.

Olin’s classes have helped me hone my communication and problem-solving skills. The school’s emphasis on experiential learning and real-world application has been invaluable.

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Delvin Walls

Executive MBA

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