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Four Exceptional Residencies

Explore new thinking, worldviews, and business practices.

residency video Program learning extends far beyond WashU’s classroom walls, broadening your management perspectives and your impact on business. The EMBA curriculum includes four required residencies: the GO! Week Residency; the Business of Policy: DC Immersion; the Leadership Residency; and the International Management Residency in Beijing and Shanghai.

These residencies focus on specialized areas, such as venture creation, idea generation, US policymaking, and global leadership. You'll take advantage of WashU’s one-of-a-kind relationship with the prestigious Brookings Institution. Spending time in the nation’s capital gives you the opportunity to leverage the people, processes, and politics behind compliance and regulation. And during your second year in the program, you'll visit Beijing, the cultural and political heart of China, and Shanghai, the world’s fastest-growing financial center. During this immersive trip, you'll explore global economies, markets, and leadership while conducting business on a global scale.

The fieldwork you navigate at WashU tests your problem-solving skills and leadership development and will prove invaluable throughout your career. In addition, the residencies strengthen not only your relationships with EMBA faculty and peers but your ability to solve the right problems, even with incomplete information.