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​Benefits to Your Employer and Organization

How do Olin’s executive education programs benefit you and your organization?

The short answer is that you can apply the business practices, models, and methods you learn to your work challenges immediately – and deliver positive results.

From a broader perspective, programs teach you to guide stakeholders, lead teams, drive creativity and innovation, promote sustainable growth, and enhance operational performance – all skills that support the long-term success of your enterprise.

Sponsorship benefits for your employer

Your employer receives a strong return on investment from your participation in Olin’s Executive MBA or certificate programs, including initiatives that boost efficiency and productivity, or increase the bottom line.

  • Professional development
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Succession planning
  • Incentive alignment
  • Lunch-and-Learn sessions on a wide range of management topics
  • Team of Olin faculty and students to work on specific company projects

Gwen Belle | EMBA 35

"Now, when I sit at the table with other leaders, I have the expanded business knowledge and perspectives to solve the difficult management problems."

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