​Growing a Family or Private Business

No one knows better than you about the ups and downs of running a family or private business. Management issues can be complicated and emotionally charged. And how you deal with them directly affects the success and sustainability of your enterprise.

Best practices that advance people and policies

Olin’s executive education offerings address the challenges of corporate governance, shareholder control, conflict resolution, compensation structures, and succession planning. You acquire best practices that help your company clarify its vision and values, chart its strategic direction, reward all its employees fairly, and prepare its next generation of leaders.

Leadership development is the foundation of Olin’s Executive MBA curriculum and the focus of its mid-program residency. In addition, Olin’s executive education offerings provide a wealth of perspectives and resources for the global launch of your product or service or the expansion of company operations into another country.

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Rachel Andreasson | EMBA 38

"The program was instrumental in helping me grow as a leader and, consequently, helping grow our family business."

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