The power of diversity and technology in Olin’s Online MBA program

  • August 18, 2023
  • By WashU Olin Business School
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Imagine you’re immersed in a vibrant global discussion, surrounded by voices from all around the world. Each voice contributes to an enriching, enlightening conversation that traverses borders and cultures. This international dialogue forms the cornerstone of Olin Business School’s Online MBA program. We recognize the vital role of diversity in MBA programs as it fosters a dynamic, impactful learning environment. By combining the diverse experiences of our students with cutting-edge technology, our program offers a unique, engaging educational journey.

The importance of diversity and inclusion in higher education

Diversity and inclusion in higher education are more than just commendable values—they are essential elements. The ability to understand, engage with and adapt to various cultures and perspectives is not simply an academic endeavor but also an indispensable professional skill. Our Online MBA program nurtures this skill by uniting students from diverse professional backgrounds, cultures and countries. Each student brings a unique viewpoint to the mix, enriching our faculty members’ teachings and igniting conversations that cross cultural and geographical boundaries—fostering global competency.

Whether it’s discussing cultural nuances in a safe classroom environment or engaging with international companies on real-world projects, our students gain well-rounded exposure to the global business landscape. This diversity invigorates our faculty and enriches our curriculum, attracting world-class educators to our institution.

Adapting to emerging technologies

Today, we find ourselves in a transitional world where the employment environment is increasingly moving online. Having the ability to work effectively in a virtual context is a critical skill. We recognize this at Olin and have designed our programs accordingly. We provide our students with a digital sandbox where they have the opportunity to experiment, develop their virtual personas and cultivate digital leadership skills. They participate in various online collaborative activities—such as virtual team projects, online presentations and discussions—which allow them to hone their online collaboration skills without the fear of professional consequences.

We’re committed to fostering a vibrant and interactive learning environment for our students, and it shows in how we’ve shaped our curriculum. We know the world changes fast, and we believe our courses should keep pace with these changes. Whether required or elective, our courses are built on the core principles of an MBA but tailored for today’s digital business world.

Incredible advances like artificial intelligence, big data, cloud infrastructure and the Internet of Things are transforming how we deliver products and services. Our MBA program is designed to keep up with these changes and prepare our students to face them head-on.

Our courses help students understand and make the most of these new technologies. For example, we teach students how to use AI to gather information from personal data without losing the personal touch that makes communication worthwhile. We also cover IoT, showing students how to balance the benefits of efficiency with the need to maintain compatibility and privacy.

Our curriculum also explores blockchain technology, helping students to weigh the benefits of its speed and accessibility against the costs of energy usage and its volatility. When it comes to augmented reality, we show students how to manage costs while still creating unforgettable customer experiences. And we guide students through the ins and outs of cloud computing, showing them how to gain flexibility while minimizing data risks.

In short, at Olin Business School, our Online MBA program isn’t just about keeping up with technological advancements—it’s about integrating these advancements into our teaching. We’re cultivating future leaders who can use these tools to improve their businesses and communities.

Comprehensive support and flexibility

At the heart of our digital experience is our innovative Center for Digital Education, which provides world-class e-learning support. Whether it’s digital course design, online course delivery, lifelong learning modules, media production or faculty training, the CDE plays a crucial role in enhancing our students’ digital journey.

Alongside the CDE, we’ve partnered with the career center to ensure our students stand out in the job market. The Weston Career Center offers personalized mentoring and guidance and helps students improve their career search skills. This collaboration allows our students to crystalize their career aspirations, connect with industries that pique their interest and ultimately become the most prepared candidates in their field.

One of the many benefits of learning with technology is its flexibility. No matter where our students are, they can find support whenever they need it. We’ve established robust support mechanisms to equip our students for academic success, including Online MBA cohorts for assistance and guidance as well as a strong network of tutors for coursework help.

But our support doesn’t end there. Our career coaching and support services are designed to meet our students’ unique needs. Whether it’s providing personalized mentoring or honing career search skills, we’re available to discuss career plans at times that suit our students best, offering the flexibility that aligns with the demands of a digitally driven business landscape.

Our Online MBA program is more than just a degree—it’s a transformative experience. We aim to cultivate leaders who can strategically leverage technology to create impact. Our innovative curriculum, dedication to advanced technology and diverse student body work together to create an online MBA program that equips students with the vital digital leadership skills needed in today’s world. This prepares them to navigate the changing ways in which we live, work and interact, molding them into forward-thinking leaders of the future.

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