​Business Economics

The PhD program in Business Economics prepares students for an academic career in economics. The training is rigorous, with grounding in all the central areas of the field. Business Economic students have opportunities for cross-disciplinary work, combining economics with strategy, finance, or marketing. Student success is fostered by the faculty’s active interest in supporting student learning, along with advising and supervising overall research efforts to help students realize their full potential.

The Olin Business Economics faculty members have a special interest in empirical and theoretical industrial organization. Research pursuits cover a wide range of subjects, including industry studies, incentives in organizations, organizational design, health economics, and the determinants of industry structure. The Center for Research in Economics and Strategy (CRES) engages PhD students in research that advances the understanding of firms and markets by examining substantive questions and employing state-of-the-art analytical and/or empirical models.

Olin PhD students studying Business Economics frequently collaborate with the Department of Economics in Arts & Sciences at Washington University.

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