​Focus Your MBA in Consulting

Gain in-depth insight into how consultants solve problems. Learn how to look for solutions across a range of functional areas. How to dig deep, learn quickly, and formulate solutions with buy-in from a wide and varied constituency. The MBA in consulting platform prepares you for a range of careers in consulting and management.

Specific concentrations within the MBA consulting platform include:

  • General Management and Internal Consulting
  • Business of Healthcare
  • International Management
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Human Capital Consulting

Download the Consulting Platform PDF for foundation and concentration course requirements.

Platform Director: Daniel Elfenbein, Associate Professor of Organization and Strategy
WCC Career Advisor: Gary Musto
MBA Programs Liaison: Joe Fox
Club/Organization: Olin Strategy and Consulting Association (OSCA)
Credit Requirements: 20 or 21.5 credits (9.5 foundation credits, 9 concentration credits, and at least one experiential learning component for an additional 1.5 or 3 credits)
Stephen Price

Stephen Price | MBA 2014

“Before I came to Olin, I couldn’t have explained what a consultant really was. Now, I know the field is the perfect fit for me.”