MBA Career Platforms: Intersection of Passion and Purpose

At Olin, we create leaders, not just business people. Leaders who are experts in their fields. Our career platforms are based on this idea. That in order to lead, in order to be the most successful, you must be knowledgeable, thoughtful, decisive.

Our five career platforms give you the means to pursue your passion. They help you decide what’s most important. Your chosen platform is meant to help align many areas of your life at Olin – academics, experiential projects, extracurricular activities, internships, clubs.

Your platform gives you knowledge, experience, and insight. It’s in-depth. It’s hands-on. It’s invaluable. Come face to face with industry experts. And learn from their successes and failures. The platforms make the education real.

Each of the five platforms features several unique concentrations, allowing you to choose among customized MBA programs and get a laser focus on a specific career path. Industry seminars give you an understanding of the unique aspects of each field. See the platform industry seminar speakers (PDF).

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Platforms and your career outcomes

The Weston Career Center (WCC) is staffed with full-time and adjunct advisors who have functional, real-world experience in each of the five platforms. They can help you with selecting a platform and offer guidance as you navigate through it. And connect you with employers who'll value your newfound expertise. Read more about platforms and your career.

Learn about the specifics of each MBA program platform: