Master of Science in Finance

Four programs help you focus your master in finance to fit your career goals.

Washington University’s MS in Finance (MSF) is a rigorous and comprehensive graduate program that offers in-depth training in securities research, asset management, derivative pricing, and fixed income.
Choose the master of science in finance program that’s the best fit for you.

Corporate Finance and Investments

Build expertise in investment research and corporate finance for financial and nonfinancial industries.

  • Careers in capital markets, financial analysis, private equity, commercial banking, and consulting
  • 11-month MS in Finance program, starting in July

Wealth and Asset Management

Hone your asset management mastery and enhance your consulting skills.

  • Careers in asset and private wealth management, endowment management, and asset consulting
  • 18-month STEM-designated MS in Finance program, starting in July

Quantitative Finance

Fuse your mathematical expertise with strategic business decision-making with this STEM-designated technical finance program.

  • Careers in risk management, asset allocation and pricing, fixed income, and derivative research
  • 18-month MS in Finance program, starting in August (allows for an internship during Summer semester)

Global Finance

Begin your MS in Finance at Washington University’s campus, then travel to a partner university for your second course of study.

  • Six partner institutions in China, Germany, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, and Spain
  • Duration, curricula, and tuition vary by partner institution

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