​Needs Determination

Take a realistic look at your expenses versus your resources. Costs typically increase 4 to 6 percent each year. This budget includes estimated tuition costs for the 2015-16 academic year. Tuition and fees will be a set price. All funds requested above tuition and fees will be refunded for living expenses.

Completing the Resources table below will give you an estimate of additional resources you’ll need to attend Olin Business School so you can determine how much of the offered financial aid you’ll need to accept.

Make a reasonable estimate of your potential income, and borrow only what you need. Managing your repayment obligation is critical to establishing and maintaining a sound credit history.

2017-2018 Estimated Annual Expenses*
Tuition, Activity, SMP Start, Health and Wellness Fees See table on tuition page
Student Health Insurance (estimated)
Books & Supplies (includes laptop computer) $2,782
Room and Board (rent, gas, electric, food, telephone, etc.) $17,696
Personal & Miscellaneous $5,268
First-Year Student Estimated Total Cost of Attendance total varies by program

Savings _____
Employment income _____
Scholarship aid _____
Other _____
Total _____

Expenses - Resources = Financial Aid Needed
You can borrow no more than the total cost of education. If you have extenuating circumstances that warrant consideration, please contact the Graduate Financial Aid office.