An Education beyond the Classroom

At Olin, we take a 360º approach to learning.

We give you a whole education – that means the tools and how to use them. Knowledge is gained in the classroom and put to test in the real world. Internships, consulting projects, competitions, and student clubs prepare you to go farther. And achieve more.

Businesses and employers can get behind this concept. So put down the pen and roll up your sleeves.

Knowledge at work

Get ready for real-world, résumé-building experiences. The Center for Experiential Learning and Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurial Studies facilitate our hands-on way of learning. Organizing innovative learning experiences and igniting a campus-wide passion for entrepreneurship.

You and a team of your classmates will take on a project to put what you’ve learned into practice. You’ll go to work helping for-profits, nonprofits, and startups by creating smart solutions to their management challenges. It’s about showing these industry professionals what you can do. Proving you have the know-how – and gumption – to lead.

Applied in your areas of interest

Build your knowledge and skills in an area that fits you, your platform, and your goals. Our experiential learning experiences cover several key areas:

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Alaina Flowers | MBA 2015

“Almost anything you could possibly want to do, you can do at Olin.”