CELect consulting teams work with St. Louis startups.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

​St. Louis has a collaborative ethos of entrepreneurship. 

Global Entrepreneurship Week video Develop your own business plan or help startups with theirs. Put your plan to the test in our business plan competition. Or work with local entrepreneurs to understand the difficulties they face, and advise on best practices.

Hundreds of startups are launching all over St. Louis, and many more have chosen to relocate here. Business incubators such as Cortex, T-REX, and CIC St. Louis give statups the support they need to prosper.

We’ll help get you started on the path to entrepreneurship. Ideas and innovations from WashU students, faculty and staff are fueling a thriving startup community in St. Louis.

CELect entrepreneurial consulting course

In CELect, you engage in consulting projects for resident entrepreneurs to better understand the challenges of a startup and advise the new ventures on best-practice business strategies. The program has office space at T-Rex, a tech incubator in downtown St. Louis. Or take Olin's Venture Consulting in Budapest elective for start-up consulting with a global flavor.

Business plan courses and competitions

Extracurricular entrepreneurship activities such as IdeaBounce® are offered by WashU’s Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurial Studies, which promotes corporate innovation and the commercialization of new business ideas. In the Hatchery course, you work with entrepreneurs and investors to develop a business plan of your own, or one brought to WashU by individuals interested in a group startup. At the end of the course, teams present their analyses to a group of business startup and venture capital experts.

The Skandalaris Center was founded in 2003 when Washington University was selected as one of eight Kauffman Campuses, in recognition of Olin-invented programs including the Hatchery and the Olin Cup business plan competition.

WashU students and faculty are frequent participants in the Arch Grants business plan competition, which provides $50,000 grants to startups and takes no equity in return.